It’s not about being perfect 24/7 !

July 26, 2011

Mind Fitness

You don’t need to be perfect to be, feel & look perfectly fit!

One reason why so many people never reach their goals or don’t stick to them after accomplishment is simply because we tend to be too critical, we expect perfection and get discouraged if we do not follow our plan by the letter.

Let me tell you something, it’s not about being perfect!

So many fitness experts, athletes, trainers do not follow their own advice 100% of the time.

We are all human, we slip, we fall, we make mistakes but that does not mean that we don’t reach our goals, it just means that we need to accept ourselves with our flaws and imperfections.

Sounds cliché?

Let me give you a great example with one perfectly fit lady, the type of person we all admire, the kind of person that motivate us to get in shape in the first place.

Click here to read Zuzana’s article

Who doesn’t know about Zuzana Light from, the most popular online fitness instructor.  You can see in this article that she talks about following her own diet advice only 70% of the time, yet you can also notice her great physique and her obvious amazing condition. She allows herself cheat days; she also has a sweet tooth and enjoys the occasional ice cream splurge.  The difference with her and people who can’t seem to reach their goals is that she doesn’t allow it to dictate her level of success. She wakes up the next morning, and continues following her routine instead of sabotaging herself.

It’s ok to aim for perfection but it is crucial to understand that we are only humans, we might have times where we follow our plan with no difficulties and others where we get trapped, emotional and a little off track.

The secret is to focus on doing our personal best at any given time… that’s all we can do after all!

So next time you feel bad about yourself, whether it’s because you have skipped a few training sessions or because you have chosen to eat that second portion of your favorite dessert, choose to laugh at yourself, and choose to get right back on track…don’t waste another minute feeling guilty or piling up your mind with negative thoughts!

p.s. Check out Zuzana’s new YOUTUBE CHANNEL!



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