The “Hard Body” Workout!

July 28, 2011

Get Movin'

If you have read my article “I’m up for a Completely New Challenge” , you might have noticed that I listed this great workout in my schedule.

“If you want a tight, toned body, try this 6-week workout from personal trainer Jen Heath. It uses mini-circuits to keep your heart rate high as you sculpt your hips, legs, and abs. So once you start moving, you keep moving until you’ve worked every inch of your body, from every direction. The result: a complete total-body workout that’ll have you beach ready in no time.”

Ok, who cares if the summer is coming to an end, why not have that beach body all year-long, right?!?

 About the expert:

Jen Heath is a certified personal trainer by the American   College of Sports Medicine. Along with helping her clients transforming their bodies, Jen also works as both a commercial and fitness model, and is a frequent expert contributor to

How to do this workout:

  • Do each workout (workout A, B & C) once a week, resting at least a day between each session. Example: Monday (workout A), Wednesday (workout B), Friday (workout C).
  • For each workout, move from one exercise to the next, when you finish one set of that group (ex. Group 1), then repeat the circuit one more time to complete the second set. Once you finish with that group, move to the next (ex. Group 2) by following the same procedure.

Workout A

Group 1

Exercise (sets, reps, rest)

1A. Overhead barbell or dumbbell squat (2,12,0)

1B. Pushup (2,12,0)

1C. Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat (2,12,0)

1D. Incline dumbbell bench press (2,12,60 sec.)

Group 2

2A. Goblet squat (2,12,0)

2B. Dumbbell bench press (2,12,0)

2C. Dumbbell lunge (2,12,0)

2D. Dumbbell chest fly (2,12,0)

2E. V-Up (2,12, 60 sec.)

Workout B)

Group 1

1A. Single-leg dumbbell straight-leg deadlift (2,12,0)

1B. Pullup (or assisted pullup) (2,12,0)

1C. Cable pull through (2,12,0)

1D. Cable row (2,12,0)

1E. Single-leg side plank (2,12,60 sec.)

Group 2

2A. Barbell row (2,12,0)

2B. Underhand-grip lat pulldown (2,12,0)

2C. Swiss-ball hip raise and leg curl (2,12,0)

2D. Rear lateral raise (2,12,0)

2E. Cable crunch (2,12,60sec.)

Workout C)

Group 1

1A. Single-leg dumbbell straight-leg deadlift (2,12,0)

1B. Close-hand pushup (2,12,0)

1C. Incline dumbbell bench press (2,12,0)

1D. Dumbbell stepup (2,12,0)

1E. Side plank and row (2,12,60 sec.)

Group 2

2A. Lateral raise (2,12,0)

2B. Lat pulldown (2,12,0)

2C. Dumbbell Bulgarian split squat (2,12,0)

2D. Pushup and row (2,12,0)

2E. Swiss-ball rollout (2,12,60 sec.)

Don’t forget to warmup before starting this workout and to stretch once you are done!

I got this workout from my favorite exercise book: “The women’s Health Big Book of Exercises“, by author Adam Campbell.

This book is truly practical, informative, and motivating as well. It contains a huge database of weighed and functional exercises, with precise instructions, modifications, and helpful suggestions. A section of this book is also consecrated to nutrition as well as cardio, and you will also find a bunch of challenging, fun and effecting workouts suited for everybody and anybody.  Just to name a few:

And as I mentioned, I love the fact that this book contains tons of body-weight exercises 🙂

Have a great sweat and let me know which workout from this list you would like me to share with you next time.

Click HERE to see the list of Workouts from “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises”.

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