Workout Log; Week of: 08-14 August ’11

August 17, 2011

My Workout Log

Summary of the week:

  • 3-15min. jogs
  • 2h00 brisk walk
  • 21min. HIIT Cardio + Swiss Ball Bliss Workout
  • 21min. HIIT Cardio + Total Body Workout
  • 12min. HIIT Total Body Workout
  • 15min. Total Body Stretch

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Workout Plan for next week: 15-21 August ’11

  • 2- jogs
  • Cardio + Total Body Workout
  • Cardio + Abs & Thighs
  • P90X Cardio (Plometrics, Kempo or Interval)
  • Total Body Stretch or Yoga
  • 12min. HIIT Total Body Workout



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3 Comments on “Workout Log; Week of: 08-14 August ’11”

  1. Mike Says:

    Isa it looks like you had a great workout week. Awesome job!!



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