The Greatist’s Complete Guide to Interval Training

August 22, 2011

Get Movin'

Once again, I’d like to share yet another great illustrative guide from

This time it’s about Interval training & HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), one of my all time favorites!

Here is why I love it:

  • cut down on training time
  • burn more calories… and keep burning them all day long!
  • leads to many physiological changes: increase of VO2 max (maximum amount of oxygen you can take in while exercising), & increases tolerance to the build-up of lactic acid
  • avoiding catabolic state (loss of muscle mass that can occur with long periods of moderate intensity training)
  • helps avoid injuries associated with repetitive overuse (common in endurance training)
  • oh, and did I mention that it was less boring & repetitive?

Check out this guide to learn more about Interval Training

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