My Girly Crushes: Fitness Inspiration !

October 30, 2011

Get Inspired

We all need some sort of motivation to keep us going on the long run. What gets me pumped and excited is to discover new “role models”, women who train hard and have an ongoing positive attitude. Of course, a great physique combined with good performance helps too. Here are a few ladies that keep me inspired and help me stay on track! Well…most of the time 🙂

By clicking on the images below, you can open the link to their Youtube Channels, where you will also find their official websites or blogs.

 Zuzana: My Fitness Queen!

What can I say… Zuzana has changed my life for the better! After discovering her blog about 2 years ago, I started following a similar fitness approach: adding many short and high intensity workouts to my routine. Shortly after, I have noticed incredible results from this type of training (both physical and emotional). This took me to a whole new level of fitness. I will always look up to her. Love ya Zuzka!

 Karina & Katrina: The Unstoppable Duo!

Whenever I feel negative or simply a little down, these girls surely know how to put a smile right back on my face! From delicious recipes to sassy workout challenges, they’ve got it all covered! They are simply adorable and so optimistic. Their friendship is also a great inspiration. Keep it up ladies!

 Lizy Artur: The Raw Princess!

Lizy has inspired me to start eating more delicious raw foods. Ever since I discover her youtube channel, I have incorporated new and healthy eating habits into my lifestyle. She has a very positive outlook on life and surely knows how to walk her talk. She is such a sweet heart!

 Rebekah Borucki: The Supa Dupa Mama!

This urban farmer, yoga instructor, and mother of 4 seems to have it all in control! Her vlogs rock: she shares plenty of practical tips and tricks, fun ideas, and bad ass workouts. You Go Girl!

And here are 2 of my brand new crushes this month !

I believe that these two outstanding ladies have also found some of their inspiration on (Zuzana). I truly admire them for their killer workouts and persistence. I don’t know much about them just yet, but I’m looking forward to following their journey and letting their hard work inspire me further more.

 Carey Potts: The Hard Core Chick!

Mother, runner, and Beachbody Pro, this woman is on fire and takes her fitness quite seriously! She is a perfect example of how success is the result of hard work and commitment. Loving her stuff!

 Darla Joann: Growing Strong!

I can’t believe this women is 43! After noticing a shift in her metabolism, Darla decided to revamp her lifestyle and keep her great physique instead of letting time and gravity do their work. Thumbs up for Darla!

Who inspires you to get fit and stay on track? I’d love to discover your Girly Crushes as well!



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9 Comments on “My Girly Crushes: Fitness Inspiration !”

  1. Annie McCall Says:

    I love Zuzanna too! I like your post, I plan to check some of these ladies out too! Thank you for sharing this information 🙂


  2. m3lly78 Says:

    Thanks for those – Zuzana looks fierce and Karina & Katrina look fun! I will check them out.
    For me, its Michelle Bridges who has changed my life through her online personal training program. She says it like it is, doesn’t accept excuses and 100% lives what she teaches. Plus her body is rocking. She’s the Australian Biggest Loser trainer, has training & nutrition books and is really involved with her online PT through weekly live web chats, twitter & Facebook. Check her out here


  3. milesmusclesmom Says:

    My A #1 motivational girl crush is definitely Chrissie Wellington- 4 time Ironman World Champion. Now, yes this woman is an absolute animal as far as her athletic ability BUT what makes me absolutely LOVE her is her fierce MENTAL toughness. The way that she uses her fame in triathlon as a platform to bring awareness to the several charities she works tirelessly to support, she hangs out for HOURS after finishing her IM races to give us “age groupers” their medals. She is just a positive voice that should be heard.
    Chrissie just battled through many injuries to capture this Kona title a few weeks ago-if you want to be inspired, go read her race report about her battle come from behind and win.

    I love and get lots of killer workouts ideas there 🙂
    Will def check out some of the others you mention!

    happy training



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