20+12 Fun Ideas: Stuff that will Make you Feel Awesome in 2012!

January 11, 2012

Get Inspired, Livin'

Playing is for Grownups Too…

As you look back to your childhood years, do you ever remember thinking: “I wish I never grow up to be a boring adult”. As a little girl, I would often think how serious and stuck up grownups were, I would think to myself “when I grow up, I will be nothing like that, I will be fun, creative, spontaneous, and most importantly, I will never stop playing”! Well that was a pile of gibberish… I ended up throwing away my Barbie dolls at the age of 11, I stopped spending hours creating games and crafts, and I started acting like a “grownup woman”, whatever that means. I also started feeling anxious, confused, and insecure. Fifteen years later, I dream about feeling free as a child and doing what I truly love. I might not have reached that point just yet, but I am certainly moving in that direction. I also recall dreaming about all the cool stuff I’d be able to do as an adult, with nobody around to tell me what to do or not to do, the world would finally become my oyster! Now I know that we all have responsibilities, but isn’t the most important one of them making sure that we are happy, fulfilled, and free-minded? One of the things I want to focus on in 2012, is to relax more and really take the time to have plain old fun, here are a few ideas that will bring you to that place you wish you had never let go of, have fun my friends!!!

1. Make a Friendship Bracelet and give it to someone special 

Instructions on how to make you friendship bracelet HERE

2. Hit the Park for a Sweat

Check out Bex’s Sexy Swinger Workout HERE

3. Start your own Blog and Share your Passion with the World

Visit WordPress.com to get started

4. Take your Dream Car for a Spin

And enjoy the ride…

5. Revamp your Old Furniture and Create a Unique Style on Budget

Click HERE for more Ideas…

6. Eat Delicious Raw Food and Feel Rejuvenated

Browse through THESE yummy recipes for ideas

7. Buy Sexy Lingerie and Wear it at home…or for a Special Occasion 😉

There is nothing wrong with adding a little spice to your life…

8. Grow your own Stuff

Check out the Urban Organic Gardener’s BLOG

9. Take a Hula Hoop class with your Girlfriends and burn up to 100 calories every 10min.

Make your own hula hoop: Click HERE

10. Why Paint your Walls white when you can Draw on them?

Better yet, invite your friends to tag along and create a master piece in your own home!

11. Be a Tourist in Your Own City

The grass isn’t always greener on the other side…
Here are some ideas to get you started: Explore new undergroud restaurants, take long bike rides dicovering places you haven’t visited in the past, get a tourist guide of your own city, visit new museums, explore the different forests near your erea, etc.  Don’t forget to take pictures and share your adventure on Facebook 🙂

12. Make your own Postcards and send them to your loved ones!

Make Postcards from Vintage Book Covers: How to Guide

13. Have a Dog Day

Take your fellow pet for a long walk/run outside, you will both be thankfull, I promise 😉
Don’t have a dog… I’m sure you can borrow one!

14. Organize your Closet

Check on THIS Closet Organization Guide for tips

15. Have a YOU DAY

That’s right, do nothing else but what comes to your mind. Spend a day sitting at a cafe terrace with your best friend, listen to your favorite music while pampering yourself, play games on your new playstation…for hours if you like, etc.

16. Dance your Heart Away!

Let go, play your favorite tunes…nobody is wathing 😉

17. Learn How To French Braid

Click HERE for tutorials 

18. Prepare a Romantic Spaghetti Meatball (or vegan ball) Dinner for you and your lover 

Check out THIS Tofu Balls Spaghetti recipe

19. Send a Message in a Bottle

What message would you like to share with the World?

20. Be bold and Dare to do something Out of your Comfort Zone every now and then…

Life is too amazing to spend your time worrying about what others think!

And 12 more Fun Ideas…

  1. Smile to everyone that passes your way…ok, maybe not the creapy neighbor that secretly has a crush on you. 
  2. Have a girls night IN, invite all of your girlfriends for homemade cocktails, rockin’ movies and anything else that come to mind
  3. Offer your services to your community: I’m sure that people would appreciate a Free Car Wash
  4. Wear no makeup and feel beautiful anyways
  5. Organize a karaoke night and sing your favorite song out loud
  6. Spend a day outdoors, from Dusk till Dawn
  7. Don’t give a damn what people think of you, have the courage to live by your own rules
  8. Play dressup
  9. Go “Dream Home” Shopping, even if you can’t afford it now
  10. Spend the day cooking for your friends and invite them over for no special occasion, do we really need a special occasion to get together and celebrate life?
  11. Be a minimalist, get rid of all the cluther and things you don’t need
  12. Tell a friend you love them

Happy New Year Folks, Live Your Life Like You Mean It!

Love, Kisses, & Sillyness…Isabella 🙂

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6 Comments on “20+12 Fun Ideas: Stuff that will Make you Feel Awesome in 2012!”

  1. You As A Machine Says:

    In appreciation of the light you bring with your positivity and creativity, you’ve been nominated for the Candle Lighter Award. Congratulations and shine on.

    To view your nomination: http://youasamachine.com/2012/01/16/candle-lighter-award/


    • myfitstation Says:

      Wow, what a nice award, how heart warming 🙂
      I truly appreaciate this nomination, it’s nice to see that some of my work can actually inspire others, you just gave me a big boost to keep going strong and follow my heart!
      Thank you,
      All the best,
      Isabella 😉


  2. m3lly78 Says:

    LOVE this list!!! Ive always wanted to learn to French Braid! And I am definitely going to make some friendship bracelets – my friends & I used to make them in high school; it’s been soooooo long!


    • myfitstation Says:

      Thanks Melly 🙂
      I’ve started doing some friendship bracelets myself, and I can tell you that it’s pretty easy to catch up on, and a great form of relaxation too…have fun 🙂


  3. Tammy Says:

    This is one of the best posts I’ve read in a long time!! It really reminded me of how many things I can do myself with a limited budget and/or resources, but still end up with something fun and great. Thank you so much for all the wonderful ideas!! 🙂


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