No Gym, No problem!

January 20, 2012

Get Movin'

3 New Body-Weight Workout Routines from:

The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises“.

I believe that this is the 5th workout that I will be sharing from my favorite fitness book: “The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises“. Feel free to check out the previous workouts by clicking on the links bellow:

This time, we will be focusing on body-weight exercises. Ever since I have discovered this type of training and began applying it to my own workout routines, I have seen noticeable results. You can do these workouts anywhere, they are short, yet very effective since you are working multiple muscle groups at once and burning extra calories along the way.

“You don’t need a gym membership to sculpt a great body. In fact, you don’t even need equipment. Tone your arms, legs, and abs and burn fat anywhere with these super-simple body-weight workouts.”

How to Do this Workout?

  • Perform the exercises in the order shown.
  • When you see a number without a letter next to it (ex.1, 2), perform the exercise as a straight set (do 1 set, rest for prescribed amount of time. Complete all sets of this exercise before moving to the next.
  • When you see a number with a letter next to it (ex. 1A, 1B), it indicates that the exercise is to be performed as part of a group of exercises. Instead of completing all sets of an exercise at once, do only one set (ex.1A), rest for the prescribed amount of time, and then do one set of the next exercise in the group (ex.1B). Once you are done with a group (ex. group 1), you can move on to the next (ex. group 2) until you have completed the whole workout.
  • When prescribed rest period is = “-“, that indicates you’re not to rest between movements; move directly to the next exercise.
  • * AMAP: Stands for as many as possible, in this case, complete as many reps as you can.
  • If any of the given exercises are too hard, feel free to substitute the variation of the movement that allows you to perform the prescribed number of reps.

Click HERE for FREE PRINTABLE PDF. version of these workouts!!!

Workout 1

* For the Floor Y-T-I raises: Do 10 reps. of each letter

Workout 2

* For the Iso-Explosive exercises: Make sure to hold the down position for 5 seconds each rep.

Workout 3

* The 1st time you try this routine, do 2 sets of each exercise. In the future workouts, work your way up to 5 sets each.

Hope you enjoy these workouts, have a great sweat!

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