Workout Log) Week of 16-22 January ’12

January 24, 2012

My Workout Log

Summary of the week

Rest, eat, sleep, day-dream, eat, and rest some more…

No, I didn’t give up, if that’s what you’re thinking! I don’t remember the last time I haven’t worked out for so long (one whole week! Yayks!), but let me tell you that this short break did me good! I usually always push myself to do at least 2 or 3 workouts a week even when I don’t feel like it, because I know that I will feel better afterwards. I have to admit that I have been quite unmotivated these past few weeks, and I really wanted to take a step back, and rediscover my inner mojo! With that said, I will be posting some of my weekly goals along with my workout logs. I’ve created a little challenge for myself, called “Project-27”, it’s all about doing my best and being more fulfilled as an outcome. It’s no hard-core challenge, I will simply be focusing more on balance and positive attitude, and less on perfection or going into extremes. I am also doing this challenge for my 27th birthday, hence the name “Project-27”! I’ll be turning 27 in about 4 months, and I’d like to accomplish a few things by then. I’ll be sharing the fitness aspect of this challenge here on My Fit Station, hope you enjoy 🙂

My Goals for next week: 23-29 January ’12

  • 2 x 12min HIIT
  • 50min. Bun Shaper routine from One-on-one with Tony Horton
  • Cardio session + Total Body Circuit (weight training)
  • 10min. Split stretches (4-5/week)
  • 10min. Upper body strength exercises: chest and back (2/week)




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3 Comments on “Workout Log) Week of 16-22 January ’12”

  1. Miranda @ Miranda's Munchies Says:

    Project-27 sounds like a good idea! I’m curious what you had in mind for it 🙂


    • myfitstation Says:

      Thanks Miranda 😀
      I’ve noticed that I automatically write down my “To Do” list every week, but it has come to a point where I am no longer focusing on those “To Do’s” the way I used to . Instead, I find myself writing the same goals months later, without actually accomplishing them… This is why I kind of took a week “off”, and took some time to think about my goals and priorities.
      Basically I want to focus on the present moment, and do what can be done NOW, for a better tomorrow…I changed some goals, reevaluated others, and added new one’s that better fit my current needs and situation.
      I haven’t been online much these past few weeks, but yesterday I checked out your blog and noticed many changes, new photos, etc… I had a good time reading some of your posts! Keep them coming 🙂
      I didn’t see your January goals… do you have a new list for this month?
      Isabella 😉



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