My BIGGEST Challenge Ever! It’s not what you think it is…

February 16, 2012


I love setting up a fitness challenge and tracking my progress along the way… from creating my action plan, all the way to reaching my final destination and rewarding myself, it’s an awesome experience all together!

But this challenge is different and harder than any other challenge to me… and I have no choice but to face it every single month…

I bet you’re thinking P90X, or some other sort of crazy training program… WRONG!

My Challenge is simply overcoming the MAD WOMAN I become during my PMS! Sounds familiar?

The past three weeks have been amazing. I’ve been working out like a lean & mean fighting machine, and I’ve also been fueling my body for great performance. I was very proud of myself for completing my 2 week challenge, and really looking forward to my next one. In the meantime, I had a little surprise visit from my favorite intruder, this one is always right on schedule. . .Yes ladies, I am talking about those days when your hormones jump up and down and make you do things you wish you could erase. In the past 3 days, I have been quite bitchy and naughty, it seems like everything and everyone is going on my nerves, and all I can think about is…my next treat!

So here I am today, thinking about the ways I can overcome totally sabotaging all of my hard work!

I have read many tips online to help alleviate these symptoms, and my challenge now is to follow my own advice no matter what!

So here we go, here is my challenge for the next week or so!

Get physically active for at least 30 minutes a day

It doesn’t need to be hardcore, just a little something that will get me moving and a little sweaty. If I really don’t feel like working out, I should go for a longer walk with my dog, or dance to my favorite songs for a while! Not only does exercise give you a rush of endorphins that can help you deal with the emotional symptoms related to PMS, such as anxiety and depression, it can also decrease abdominal bloating and fluid-retention problems. Let’s hit it ladies!

Load up on greens and fruits

Although I crave the complete opposite, I will make the effort and eat more fresh foods. Fruits and veggies contain load of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that reduce painful PMS symptoms. They can really help diminish bloating and temper mood swings, Hallelujah!

Avoid sugary and processed foods

I usually don’t crave this type of foods what so ever, but these days it seems like it’s all I think about! Instead of giving in to those cravings, I will stick to my usual complex carbohydrates and eat smaller meals more regularly! Foods that are rich in whole grains usually contain a high level of B-vitamins and fiber, which in turn can help reduce the frequency of PMS symptoms. B-vitamins are also known for helping with metabolism and may help you feel less fatigued during your menstrual cycle. It’s worth giving it your best shot!

Getting enough sleep and rest

This is usually not a problem for me. I also want to focus on relaxation and not getting into stressful situations for the next couple of days! A little yoga should do me good 🙂

That’s it, that’s my BIG Challenge! Wish me luck!

Do you have any trouble controlling your PMS cravings or staying motivated and persistent during those times of the month? If so, do you have any advice to share with us?

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2 Comments on “My BIGGEST Challenge Ever! It’s not what you think it is…”

  1. Miranda @ Miranda's Munchies Says:

    This is a good challenge! Unfortunately, I can admit to letting my PMS get the best of me from time to time :S The biggest problem I have is indulging in the food my PMS craves and then suffering the consequences (ie mood crashes) afterwards


    • myfitstation Says:

      I totally get you girl! I love having my daily treats, but when it gets to that point where it’s all I can think about… it can be quite counterproductive. I have noticed in the past, that when I eat mostly clean througout the month, my symptoms are much less agressive. And of course, the more exciting and complete my life is, the less I struggle with PMS symptoms. I suggest taking some “you time” during those days; getting pampered, watching your favorite movies with a cup of hot coco, making arts and crafts while listening to soothing music… that can also help 😉


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