5 Things Tuesday… Anti-Procrastination Guide!

March 27, 2012

Mind Fitness

Many times, we get overwhelmed with all of the tasks we have set ourselves to complete by the end of the day. Just the simple though of getting it all done tends to take more energy than the tasks themselves. Once you have decided to make exercise and physical activity a priority in your life, it’s time to start developing your anti-procrastination muscle as well! Here are a few tips that will help you complete your tasks and reach your goals with success!

5 Tips to Avoid Procrastination

1. Push Play

Sometimes, the last thing we feel like doing is completing our scheduled workouts. Whether it’s because we feel exhausted, moody, cranky or down, nobody ALWAYS feels motivated and excited to train. Most of the time, all it really takes is to START! Put on your running shoes, pull out your yoga mat, call up your fitness buddy, and remind yourself that once you get started, you are more likely to finish your task. I’m telling you, that first little baby step is the hardest part.

2. Our Everyday Choices Make Up Our Lives 

Another little trick that helps me ignore all of the clutter in my mind, the hesitation and negativity, is to simply remind myself of my choices and the outcome of each one of them. It’s quite simple at the end, do the math, you can either skip your workout and feel regret, accumulate stress, and feel disappointed or you can CHOOSE to go for it, give it your best and visualize yourself feeling proud, happy, fulfilled and fit. Whoever said “I regret doing this workout” anyways? Even in your shittyest mood, a workout will most probably ALWAYS do you good!

3. Break It Down 

We all have big goals and dreams, who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? It’s important to remember that our path is a JOURNEY and not a DESTINATION. Of course, we might reach our goals and feel accomplished and successful, but what is it really worth if we never focus on the present moment and make the most out of each experience? Breaking down our bigger goals into smaller ones really helps us stay motivated and focused; it also gives us a regular sense of achievement that keeps us energized and alive. You can check out some of my shorter-term challenges HERE.

4. Reward Yourself

This is a simple tip that can work wonders. Start with mini-rewards for completing 1 workout (ex. You get to watch your favorite T.V. show once you’re done training), then move on to medium-rewards for reaching your weekly workout plan (ex. Make yourself a little fitness bucket, and drop a 20$ bill each time you’ve achieved your weekly goal). And finally, prepare a bigger reward for when you hit a milestone (ex. Once I am able to do a pull-up, I will take out the saved money from my fitness bucket and go buy myself a new outfit).

5. Find Something YOU Love…

 or simply don’t hate…

Many people wonder why they just can’t stick to their training program. Initially they feel excited and amused about their new goals, and before they know it, that excitement tapers off and all their left with is a feeling of frustration and deprivation. This often happens when people go on strict or fad diets or start an intense training program as beginners. If you’re not enjoying the experience, you won’t stick to it! If you want to reach your goals and enjoy the journey, choose activities you prefer doing, everybody is different and one-size does not fit all. For example, I love challenging myself and working out on my own, give me an iPod, and a P90X DVD and I’ll have a blast kicking my own ass. Explore your options and find what suits YOU best, sometimes it might take a little practice before you start enjoying yourself, so be patient. One thing is for sure, as humans, we are all meant to be active, to move our bodies, to get stronger… being active in one way or another will most definitely bring you joy!

That’s it for today folks, do you have any other tips or trick that have helped you avoid procrastination?

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6 Comments on “5 Things Tuesday… Anti-Procrastination Guide!”

  1. Christina Says:

    I plan to attend a fitness class or go for a run with a friend or two, then its fun and keeps me from backing out. With one of my friends if we bail we owe the OTHER person $10. It works pretty good most of the time.


    • myfitstation Says:

      What a great idea!
      Fitness buddies can be quite supportive!
      And the last thing we would want is to let our friends down….right?
      Keep it up Christina, good job 🙂


  2. Abdullah Says:

    great tips for sure.

    one additional point here is the usual question i always ask myself ” Why this guy is so fit ? is he kinda have special genes or what?” these questions pushed me to start and continue any challenge.


    • myfitstation Says:

      Thanks Abdullah!
      While genes do play a role in your body type and composition, the mind plays the biggest part… our thoughts, perceptions, and actions really determine our outcomes and experiences! Keep up challenging yourself and developing a strong mind 🙂
      All the best,


  3. LauraLovesFitness Says:

    Great tips for getting it done! I really like the idea of starting a “fitness bucket” so you can reward yourself for reaching a goal. Thanks for the cool post!


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