5 Things Tuesday… Fitness Nutrition & The Importance of Feeling Satisfied!

April 3, 2012

Yummy Stuff

Feeling Deprived? Think Again…

With a flood of information sucking in our attention every time we log on the web, it can get quite challenging to find balance in our fitness journey, and getting quality information regarding diet, fitness, and nutrition. With so many fad diets being advertised and spread online, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed with the overflow of data and contradiction as well. There is an abundance of misleading information out there, and although I won’t be getting into details about fitness nutrition in this post, feel free to check out some of my previous articles related to healthy and balanced nutrition: What’s in My Fridge?, 12 Tips on Following a Clean Diet.

One thing I’d like to share with you all is my “Basic Approach” when it comes to nutrition in general, weather your goal is to lose fat, gain muscle, increase performance levels or simply staying balanced and healthy, here are a few simple tips that are key in reaching any of these goals.

5 Key Tips on Developing a Healthy Eating Habit

1. Eat Real Food; foods that are unprocessed and organic when possible

2. Learn how to Cook healthy meals while satisfying  your palate

3. Do not classify food as “Good” or “Bad”; enjoy the occasional treat!

4. Make sure that your Beliefs about Eating Clean and Exercising are Positive ones

5. Take it one step at the time, one new habit at a time

Let’s have a look at what Real Delicious and Nutritious food looks like!


Breakfast…. I love that meal, and I usually start off my day with a delicious treat! Usually I go for peanut butter and banana oatmeal, and sometimes I even go for a couple slices of “cake”, yes you heard me…the healthy and nutritious kind though!

Main Courses

The possibilities are endless here, and contrary to what some may think, you are not limited to the boring old protein & veggies combos. You can make thousands of kinds of salads, and I’m not talking about lettuce and sliced tomatoes… think big, add some grilled veggies, feta cheese, fish, spices, eggs, hummus, nuts, seeds, lean protein….go for it! Other than that, where should I even start? I suggest you browse the web for healthy main courses and get your hands dirty!


Once again, you can get pretty creative here as well. Try new recipes, discover new ingredients and let your imagination flow. I have to admit that I am a big time peanut butter junkie 🙂 You can check out my natural homemade peanut butter recipe here. I like to combine nut butter with fruit, oats, even carrots… and no matter what I’m craving; peanut butter can satisfy both sweet and salty cravings at once!

“Cheat Foods” Made Healthy

Greasy fries, a double Big Mac, mac&cheese anybody? Let me tell you that with a little research and experimenting, I’ve found many ways to satisfy my junk food cravings. You can use organic, non-processes and healthified versions of your favorite “nasty” foods and still manage to make it a real fiesta, while saving a few bucks along the way!

Sweet Tooth?

If you’re anything like most human beings, you do get a sweet tooth once in a while or quite frequently if you’re anything like me! The solution? Easy, make your own sweet treats. I don’t even want to get started with all of the recipes I’ve pulled together that made me drool and say “Is this healthy, low-calorie, low-sugar, low fat, really”??? I just made a batch of muffins using organic homemade apple sauce and bananas, I did add 2 tbsp. of honey and the muffins turned out so moist and sweet! MmmMmmMmm…

To get more ideas, you can check out my HEALTHY & CLEAN RECIPES HERE!

Still feeling deprived?

With that said, I’d like you to think about your beliefs when it comes to food and getting fit. Do you feel like getting fit is hard, do you feel like you are missing out on so much yummy foods, do you feel deprived? If these are your core beliefs when it comes to fitness and nutrition, chances are that it will feel hard, depriving and quite unachievable. On the other hand, you can see things differently, you can get excited about trying out new recipes, thinking about how light, strong and healthy you will feel when you fuel yourself with super foods. I wouldn’t suggest categorizing food as “good” or “bad”, this only tends to make us feel deprived and more tempted to binge on the “bad” foods. Instead, try to balance it out, allow yourself to enjoy your favorite treats, but don’t overdo it! If your idea of being fit and healthy is a positive and empowering one, you will certainly be more successful in achieving your goals and staying balanced!

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