5 Things Tuesday… What are your FITNESS GOALS this year?

February 21, 2012

Get Inspired, Mind Fitness

This weeks 5TT is all about sharing our goals and planning for success! I’ll be sharing my top 5 fitness goals and also showing you what I am doing to achieve each and every single one of them!

 Here is what I am focusing on this year

1. Increasing my lower-body Flexibility 

Be able to do the straddle and side splits: I am currently doing a 10 minute split stretching routine on most days of the week. I’ll be sharing it with your guys soon enough 🙂


2. Increase my Upper Body Strength 

Be able to do consecutive proper form pull-up and push-ups (not the girl kind)!

This is one of my biggest weaknesses, including lower body flexibility, my upper body strength desperately needs some attention! This is why I decided to add a short upper body conditioning routine to my schedule. I am doing it twice a week at this point but I may just stick to one in the future since I will be adding some hardcore P90X2 upper body work!

3. Improve my Overall Body Composition 

Loose 3-4% body fat and increase my muscle mass. Yes I did it again; I packed a couple of pounds during the winter…just in case of famine, we never know 😉 So now I am ready to get ripped again. By following my workout schedule and fueling nutrition plan, I should get there by summer!

4. Shape & Sculpt my Mid-Section 

Loose the little muffin top and extra sagginess I gained during the winter. The famous “muffin top”! For me it’s the first place I gain weight and I have to say that it’s driving me coucou! As soft and bouncy as it might look, it’s just not comfortable to wear! Being more active and spending less time in front of my laptop munching on my munchies should do the trick!

5. Improve my Overall Fitness & Daily Activity Level 

Push myself extra hard with challenging workouts and routines & get more active outdoors (walking, hiking, outdoor workout, bike rides…) It’s getting warmer and warmer each day here in Croatia and I can’t wait to grab my bike for long rides in the city of Zagreb! I’d also like to start doing a few training sessions outside, which sounds like lots of fun!

What are your Goals this Year? What are you focusing on to achieve? 

Share them with us in the comments!

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8 Comments on “5 Things Tuesday… What are your FITNESS GOALS this year?”

  1. Steph...In Motion Says:

    One of my goals is to add a new sport to my fitness regimen. Maybe swimming?? I’ll be borrowing a couple of your goals too. I really should work on my flexibility and losing a little more body fat.


  2. The Get In Shape Girl Says:

    Disney princess half marathon this sunday – goal is to complete it and maybe run it like 1 minute faster than last year.
    two bikini competitions in April – goal is to compete then maintain the lower body fat by 1 – 3%
    olympic lifting meet in the summer – once again, just compete

    and be able to do a handstand push up without using the wall for support. i can do a handstand push up but I can’t get my handstand away from the wall much less do a pushup from there


  3. Laura Says:

    You go, girl! Thanks for sharing your goals – they will motivate me to get mine in order, too! Have a great day!


    • myfitstation Says:

      My pleasure Laura! Sharing my goals with you all also helps me stay accountable…well most of the time 🙂
      I hope you have a great time setting your goals and reaching them as well!
      Have a great day yourself!
      Isabella 🙂


  4. melanie Says:

    those are really ambitious goals! work hard, and you’ve got it girl! i have faith in you!


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